primOptic glasses instructions 1.19

Thank you for purchasing a pair of our stylish and innovative primOptic glasses. We are dedicated to offering the very best eyewear in both style and functionality. We hope you are as proud to wear our products as we are to make them.

1) Wearing your primOptic glasses

After copying the glasses into your inventory, simply right-click them and click Wear. You will probably need to adjust the glasses to your shape, this is nothing to worry about, and is standard procedure for most attachments in Second Life.

By default, our glasses attach to the nose. If you wish to wear nose jewellery or hair attachments on your nose, you must attach the glasses to another attachment point, such as your chin. If you do this, you will need to adjust the glasses as explained in section 3.

2) Customizing your primOptic glasses

After wearing the glasses, simply left-click them to open the menu or say “/9glasses” in the chat:

  • On Head/On Nose: Flips the glasses up or down to the head or nose position.
  • Help: Opens this instructions notecard.
  • Frame: Enables you to set the color of the frame and to enable/disable shininess and bling.
  • Glass: Enables you to set the tint color, texture, and opacity setting of the glass.
  • Gadgets: Enables you to activate the gadget scripts or to order updates of the glasses.

3) Adjusting your primOptic glasses

Your glasses can be worn up on your head or on your nose. You can adjust both positions individually to your avatar’s shape or hair style. The glasses remember both positions. You can switch these positions with the menu: click the glasses or say /9glasses to bring up the menu. You can also say /9nose and /9head to switch positions.

NOTE: Before adjusting or stretching your glasses, please make a backup copy in your inventory in case things go wrong.

We suggest that you resize the glasses before adjusting their position. To adjust the glasses on your avatar’s head, use the posing stand provided in the box. Simply drag the posing stand to the ground, and then right-click and select Stand. Zoom in on your glasses by pressing Alt and clicking on the mouse.

  • Resizing: Our eyewear is sized for “standard” heads. If the glasses are too large or too small to fit your avatar, you can shrink or enlarge them. There are two methods to do this:
    • In glasses menu, click Adjust > Size + to enlarge or Adjust > Size – to shrink the glasses.
    • Right-click your glasses and select Edit. Select Stretch. Locate one of the light grey stretch boxes and stretch the glasses to the correct size. You will need to adjust the position of the glasses after this.
  • Repositioning: There are two methods to do this:
    • In glasses menu, click Adjust > Pos X+ or Pos X- to move the glasses forward or backwards. Click Adjust > Pos Y+ or Pos Y- to move the glasses left or right. Click Adjust > Pos Z+ or Pos Z- to move the glasses up or down.
    • Right click your glasses and select Edit. Select Position. Use the red, green and blue position arrows to adjust the glasses to your avatar’s head. Don’t hesitate to move the camera around your avatar’s head to check that the position is correct. You can also change the Rotation.
  • Saving: When you are satisfied with the position of the glasses, in the “on nose” position, click On Head in the menu, or say /9head to switch to the head position. Then, adjust the glasses in the “on head” position and then click On Nose in the menu, or say /9nose to switch to the nose position.

NOTE: The glasses record their position each time you switch from head to nose. If you do not switch from head to nose after adjusting the glasses, they will revert to the default position each time you teleport or log in to Second Life.

4) Using the gadgets

Our glasses are equipped with several useful gadgets. These can be toggled on and off in the Gadgets menu.

  • Flight enhancer: Enables you to fly over the 220m limit in the sky. If you have another flight enhancer script, make sure you use only one at a time, otherwise, Bad Things(tm) might occur. If necessary, you can remove the Flight script from the glasses.
  • Online monitor: Enables you to see if a person, who is NOT on your friends list or hiding their status, is online or offline. To use the online monitor, switch it on through the Gadget menu and then say /9name <avatar name> (for example: /9name Nibb Tardis).
  • Teleport History: This gadget records the places where you TP. You can bring up a list of your 12 last teleport locations and click the corresponding number to teleport back. To see the teleport history list, say /9history in the chat, or click the glasses and Gadgets > History.
  • Proximity Sensor: Enables you to know who is within 90 meters of your avatar. The primOptic glasses warn you when they see an avatar within that range. In order to prevent lag, the sensor automatically goes into standby mode if the number of avatars is over 16. The sensor resumes normal operation when the avatar count goes below that number.

NOTE: With version 1.18, the Update mechanism has changed. The Update button has been removed because primOptic glasses now automatically check for updates. Please contact Nibb Tardis to update your glasses if you have version 1.17 or earlier.

5) Advanced customization

You can add a custom color for the lenses and frames and a custom texture for the glass.

  • To add a custom color, right-click and Edit the glasses. In the Description field, add a standard hexadecimal color code, for example: #00FF00 for green, #0000FF for blue, or #FFFFFF for white. Finally select Custom in the Glass > Tint or Frame > Color menu.
  • To add a custom glass texture, simply add the texture to the Contents of the glasses and select Custom in the Glass > Texture menu.

6) Support and suggestions

If you have any comments or suggestions that might help us improve our product line, or if you need support with the product, please IM Nibb Tardis.


2 Responses to “primOptic glasses instructions 1.19”

  1. Hi,

    How do I make the glass completely see through, (I can get it down to 20%, but I am looking to get it down closer to 100% see through)

    Reason, if my hair is covering part of my face (even a slight bit) the glasses stick out so far from my face that I can see the glass through the hair (as if it is sitting in front of the hair itself) so far I have placed the glasses as close to my face as possible, I have tried to make my hair slightly larger on my head and I have gone to edit and tried playing with the transparency but that makes the frames themselves transparent in not the glass itself. When you have a moment could you please help

    Thank you for your time.


  2. […] If you have glasses with script version 1.18, they are most likely to be up to date, but to be sure, check the PrimOptic blog. […]

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