1.19 script update

I have been very busy over the last couple of days rolling out the latest script update for all primOptic eyewear. Actually, there were two updates. A small bug in version 1.18 prompted me to make 1.19 faster than I planned, so here it is. Version 1.19 introduces the following features:

  • New update server: from version 1.18, updates are sent automatically when you wear the glasses or log in with them.
  • New Adjust menu: you can now adjust the size and position of the glasses on your head through the menu.
  • The Help button now opens the online version of the instructions.

Now for the cool part: all updates for primOptic eyewear products are free, even if you still have an old 1.5 version. If you are one the lucky few to have version 1.18, just wear your glasses and you will get version 1.19 automatically. If not, then follow these steps:

  1. Go the the primOptic main shop and get the free updater script.
  2. Wear your glasses or rez them on the ground.
  3. Right-click the glasses, click Edit, and then click the Contents tab.
  4. Copy the primOptic updater script into the glasses.

Once you have received the update, delete the old glasses. If you have any problems with the update script, just send me an IM and we’ll sort it out…


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